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things to do in phnom penn


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gf and i are heading to PP on monday then onto sihanoukville after 2 days,   we want to know what is there to do and see in PP.  we like fishing parks, cycling around or hiring bike,    killing fields museum is a must .    we also love a drink and lively bars and clubs but dont want to lounge about drinking all the time.


 can someone advise best area to stay,     what and where to get coach to SNV .


mainly any tips on travelling and things in cambodia.      what to pay for taxi from airport to city central,       what currency to take from an ATM.   can i use my kasikorn visa debit bank card over there ? 




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have fun; stay near Royal palace or anywhere between streets 130 and 180 and within 2 blocks of riverside ( use agoda map)

stroll along riverside in late afternoon, take a sunset cruise on the Tonle sap, ( boats depart around riverside and street 108)

Taxi to city center, fixed $12

ATM's spit out  US$  Use any  Bank card but they charge around $5/withdrawal

no need to exchange for local currency ( Riel)

To dam hot for cycling and traffic is terrible

Bars are on street 108, 130, 136, 172 but there mostly hostess bars, no idea why u would take ur gf.There are some nice clubs on riverside between 140 and the FCC on 178

see the lowlife at GSM on street 51 after midnight and maybe drop into Pontoon for a drink

Pick up a free guide book there


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thanks,  so rule of thumd on ATM is to take out more dollars maybe to do me a few days rather than a little ,  as i will be  charged a lot for a single transaction ?


seafood,  is it chaper in cambo ?  she loves seafood.  any good places ?  


museum tours ? 

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On 12/3/2016 at 5:55 PM, Sheryl said:

More farang-couple friendly bars to be found on St 278 and 282.


^^^ Yes, this. Nicer bars and restaurants for couples south of Sihanouk Blvd., which is sub-districts BKK 1 and BKK2. A must late afternoon-early evening sit on the second floor overlooking the Tonle Sap/Mekong Rivers is the FCC on the riverside at St. 178. But if you're a Pattaya boy, then follow Richard's advice above. 

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traffics not too bad if you avoid rush hours and the main through roads. also if you go to GSM to observe the local drug addicts avoid g-pub, the owner has a long history of violence against customers

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