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Job, work permit, visa finished - how to stay?

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I decided not to extend the contract with the company I currently work for, which means that by the end of this month I'll be loosing my work permit and my one year extension of stay.


What to do next to be able to stay here till I find a new job? I'm Polish, 35, no Thai wife. Live in Phuket with 2 kids.


Tourist visa? On arrival stamp? Sth else?What's the best place in the region to obtain one or the other?


Thank you in advance



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Make sure you leave the country on the 31st, Friday, or buy a one week extension prior to that. As to what is your best option for re-entry etc. I don't know that area. But again, you need to remain legally in Thailand and not fool around with overstays in your record. Good luck mate. BTW, carry some cash if you have any and even proof of onward travel out of Thailand.

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7 minutes ago, manonthemon said:

Thank you for your replies. 


Is Ranong crossing still valid option for the 30 days on arrival all stamp? I remember that there was a time when they were supposed to stop issuing those there.

There have been recent reports of Ranong allowing a crossing for a visa exempt entry. Perhaps more so now since they are limited to 2 per calendar year at land border crossings.

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