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Man given 21 years in prison for killing his own daughter


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Man given 21 years in prison for killing his own daughter




TRANG: -- The Trang provincial court on Wednesday sentenced a man to 21 years and eight months in prison after finding him guilty of raping his own eight-year old daughter and force-feeding her with soft drink laced mixed with methamphetamine.


The victim died of drug overdose after her father, Kittisak Thongyoi, forced her to drink soft drink mixed with the illicit drug.


Full story: http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/man-given-21-years-in-prison-for-killing-his-own-daughter/

-- © Copyright Thai PBS 2017-03-23
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And to think that british squaddie got 50 years for being busted with a bag of 200 E's not too long back, and the mushroom pickers got 15 years for illegal logging. Ridiculously lenient sentencing here for what is arguably the most heinous crime one can possibly commit.

I guess the only positive thing about this story was there was no mention of bail being posted, or the court considering a bail request at the time of going to press.... Let's just hope he is rotting in a cell with some really nasty inmates who know what he's been locked up for

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1 hour ago, ezzra said:

This woman Yuyee got 15 years in jail for 250 grams of drugs, and 25 years

for a disposable acts of rape and murder, what a balanced punishment code

 they have in this country.....

Not 250 grams (a quarter kilo), but 251 milligrams (a quarter of a gram).


If 251 milligrams earn 15 years in prison, she would've received 14,940 years if she had had 250 grams. I think this puts the insanity of Yuyee's sentence into perspective quite clearly.


On the other hand, this monster of a father gets away with just 21 years for his horrendous crime - and without doubt will be paroled in a few years.


The juristic principle that the severity of punishment must fit the severity of the crime committed is a concept that appears to have absolutely no meaning in Thailand. We see it almost every day. A young woman without driving license kills 9 people and gets a suspended sentence of two years and a few hours of "community service" (and we all remember how she even tried to avoid that one), while an elderly couple receives 15 years for picking wild mushrooms in a protected forest reserve.

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3 hours ago, esprit said:

And the girl with no driving license who killed 11 people at Don Mueng got community service, which she is wriggling out of because her Father was in the military !!!!

And the obnoxious Red Bull prat who killed a policeman and is laughing out loud on his "for-the-rest-of-my-days" holiday!

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