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Converter burnt out.


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Can't tell from the image, is that a melt from the outside or a melt from the inside?


If from the outside, how close was this to the halogen bulb it was driving?  Halogen bulbs are notorious for their catastrophic direct heating ability.


If from the inside, probably started by the transformer coil itself.  50W capacity can generate a pretty good amount of heat, over time melting the lacquer finish on the transformer windings leading to a dead electrical short on the AC side, allowing the transformer to transform itself into a heating element.


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Looks like an Indian made product with what used to be an American name?  Have had less than good luck with such products but also had Panasonic LED tube lamp fail with same type of xformer burnout a few months ago (less than a week old) - do it does happen.  But as said if external burn could be light itself.  

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