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In/out's on multi non O

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Hi, I know its silly question, but have to make sure, as its my first multi non O.


I got bit of traveling (holidays), booked, Singapore, Korea, Japan etc.


There is no limit or anything on my visa right? Its trip per month, out, few days travel, then back. Repeat next month. As long as I am within visa validity and Admited stay to stamp its okay I guess.


Thx in advance UbonJoe 

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11 minutes ago, elviajero said:

You have unlimited entries with this visa. 


The only limit is that you can only stay a maximum of 90 days for any entry.

And don't forget you can get another 90 days if you go out and come back in the day before the enter/use by date giving you 15 months and if you qualify a another 60 days at the end of those last 90 so nearly 17 months.

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