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3rd Waiver Letter - one experience

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Just thought I'd share what I experienced today.


I went with my friend who is a teacher at a local public Bangkok area school, under OBEC jurisdiction to apply for a new waiver letter.


He's a native speaker and has been there for four full years - thus has been using waivers; two in total.


He's got a 4- Bachelor of Science degree (math I recall) but is now currently re-enrolled at his US university seeking another Bachelors degree - this time in Education.


The way he explained it is that by going back, or reenrolling at the same university from which he has his (first) B.S. degree, the university will apply a lot of his classes that he's already taken while he was pursuing his BS, and allow him to just compete the courses that the College of Education requires that he didn't take before.


So, he can finish a BA (Bachelor of Arts) in under 2 years and many of the courses are offered "distance" learning.


He had the paperwork that Krusapah asks for.. about half from the school and half from his own records.


What the officer said (which was spoken in good English by the officer) was that he had to show proof he was "trying to get a degree in Education" and she confirmed that he has been at the same school for all 4 years, to which she replied "good, perfect"


Since he had that letter from his university's admissions and registrars office - that seemed to meet this "trying" requirement she spoke of earlier. He also had to show some "development or training" to which his school had sent him to attend a few seminars of some type. He also had a recommendation letter from the school which evidently confirmed he'd been there for 4 years continuous.


After only about 5 minutes of document sorting (many of the docs he presented were returned to him, unused/unwanted) he was approved and given a slip to return in 2 weeks to obtain the 3rd waiver letter.


What was made clear to him - I heard the staff officer tell him - he will not get a 4th letter, so he must apply for and get a full license before the end of the 3rd letters validity date if he wanted to continue.


The approval paper says he has the choice to come back in 2 week (or have a representative come) or have the letter mailed to the school, not home.


So, what seems to be the case for a 3rd letter is that Krusapah wants to see some kind of action towards getting a degree in Education and that you're not school hopping or been at the same school.


Again, this is what I saw today.. of course, others may have different experiences. Overall I thought it was a pretty straightforward process... and there was zero people in queue for foreign teachers licensing.



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