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Anyone want a dog? If so contact this woman


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Anyone want a dog? If so contact this woman



Picture: Thai Rath


BANGKOK: -- A woman who has looked after stray dogs and cats at her Bangkok home for twenty years is being evicted.


Now she wants animal lovers to come forward to take the dogs and cats off her hands as she has been given thirty days to get out.


She has 217 dogs and cats to choose from.


Suphanan Wipharatanaporn, 57, went on Facebook in a video in front of her house to make her plea. It was quite noisy due to the yapping of her companions being hurled food by a helper behind her, reported Thai Rath.


The house is known as "Ban Kanyaphat for homeless dogs and cats".


Suphanan has rented for years. But the owner hot fed up with her last year because she didn't pay the rent. She coughed up 100,000 and was allowed to stay on a while but now a court order has been made and she has thirty days to clear off.


She doesn't want her dogs and cats to be taken to the pound where she is convinced they will soon die unhappy in pens. They were all picked off the streets after accidents or were strays that have been treated for diseases.


She has accumulated 217 of them that need homes.


Source: Thai Rath

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-03-30
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I am sure this woman has a good heart but somewhat misguided . Fancy looking after 217 dogs and can not pay the rent .I had a headache listening to the dogs yapping on the video.I bet the neighbors are pleased .I hope supporters of soi dogs welcome her to a location close to them .

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