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90 days report question

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Hello, I am a freshman in ABAC

On 18 April, I have to do my first 90 Days report

But unfortunate for me, my campus provides transportation to the Immigration office only every Thursday.

But the problem is we have 2 straight holidays on Thursday before 18 April (my due date, on Tuesday)


So the next round will go on 20 April (Thursday)


The question is, is it okay to be late for 2 days ?

Or do you guys have another suggestion ?




Thank you !

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You can do a 90 day report early.

You may have a problem doing a 90 day report during the Songkran holiday in April. so I would try to get it done before the holiday schedule kicks in.

There will be schedule disruptions during the Songkran holidays so it would be wise to get your 90 day reporting as early as they let you do it.

I believe a holiday schedule was posted on this forum by Ubonjoe a couple of days ago.



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