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History channel headache


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Can anyone explain the history channel constantly repeating coming programs? Every break is the same repeated promotion again and again. Nauseatingly annoying.  Thank goodness for the mute button! Any ideas?

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The problem is that they don't sell any ads locally. So all you get are house ads (ads for yourself). 

I did notice that CNN has got some international ads going that were paid to run in Thailand, but as you'd expect, they are repeated ad nauseum. 

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"History" channel is indeed on True Visions. 


The vexing thing about History is that many of the shows are total bunkim. 


We have a couple of custom car shop shows. (Historical? No.)

"The Curse of Oak Island," where rich people look for a pot of gold, even though scientific study shows there is nothing there (and the Wiki notes on the episodes read like a comedy of finding zero). 

"Hunting Hitler," the show on the preposterous revisionist theory that Hitler survived. (Historical? No. Just conspiracy BS.)

"Pawn Stars"? "Food Factory"? "ANCIENT ALIENS"? 


Come on! Of History Channel's entire Thursday lineup, only two shows are actually about History: "Crimes that Shocked Asia" and "1942: Philippine Resistance."


History panders to the lowest common denominator, and isn't even about history. 

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Many years ago when I first came to CM and paid for the expensive TV channel that was to be come True I asked a Yank why is there some much poor US TV programs ?

Serious question and the answer I got was

There are over 3,500 24 Hr TV stations in US and anything that gets turned out as "original" is snapped up and put out.



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For the last few years I have used the ThaiExpat Premium service. Whilst I acknowledge the History Channel does only show upcoming programmes during the ad breaks the system does allow you to fast forward.  Indeed all of there channels use feed from the UK and, whilst you can watch live, all programmes for past 7 days are stored on there server so can be watched at your convenience.

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7 hours ago, Trujillo said:

Talking about History Channel that we receive on True Visions satellite TV. I would assume it is the same signal all over the country. 


Or are  you referring to the Ancient Chiang Mai Aliens? 

I don't think you understood what I was alluding to. This is the Chiang Mai forum and you are discussing the History Channel.

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