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Man who threatened to kill PM is Hua Hin native


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Man who threatened to kill PM is Hua Hin native


Image: Thairath
Police in Hua Hin have made a quick arrest of a man who posted a clip threatening to kill the prime minister, army chief and head of the national police.
Songwit Sukprasert, 52, was arrested at the home of his elder sister who is a local teacher. He had  lived outside her house in a shack for several years.
He refused to give up peacefully and was eventually subdued and taken to Hua Hin Hospital for observation after shouting threats against police and politicians.
Police had earlier traced Songwit to the house in the Nong Plab area of the seaside town.
In the clip posted online on Thursday he had threatened the life of Prayut Chan-ocha as well as the head of the army and the police.
Police said that his nickname was Peen. He is a man who likes to follow the news and is an avid reader of newspapers.
He has been well known as a critic of the police and political figures before.
He was known to have had brain surgery following an accident.
The online clip was shared across social media prompting the swift arrest.
Source: Thairath
-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-04-22
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1 hour ago, fish monger said:

Five beers short of a six pack...I actually feel bad for the guy...Brain surgery...? He's just not all there...Sad.

Yes. I hope the police didn't subdue him too badly under the circumstances. 

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16 hours ago, pentap said:

A threat is a threat!

Although, some may sympathise with his thoughts, he could however still be a threat to others?

Good move by the authorities.

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Yeah, sure! We must see everything like a real threat. Even if it comes from people with no means to do it, no knowledge how to do it and only talks a lot of rubbish.
Regarding being a threat to others, that is something everybody have the possibility to be. Does that mean that we have to lock up all the people in separate cells? As I suppose you are well aware of, it´s the silent ones that oppose the biggest threat. However, good luck with you astonishing capabilities of profiling.

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