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where to book ferry from pattaya - hau hin ?


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Just use plain old-style logic thinking: just before at the quayside office. It seems anyone nowadays is so frightened about ''fullness'that this even prohibts simple logic thinking.There will be more empty seats as seats taken. AND that way you will be informed right away and without a clumsy refund procedure if it again is not sailing that day-in that case, there are still plenty of direct minivans or the big bus-change SaiThai/BKK combo.

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In Hua Hin, go to the ferry on the day of travel.  (When I checked a couple weeks ago, the woman said 3 hours, but that is ridiculous and defeats the purpose of saving time).  Off season, there are seats.  During holidays and  high season you need to get there early.


it is unfortunate that the ferry  cannot offer a proper website booking facility and  this will eventually cost  the ferry  passengers. people want certainty and do not want to play rtravel roulette. 


Avoid use of the minivans. The news  is filled with crashes and fatalities, and that's just what gets reported. Minivans are  the kiss of death.

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went to office today, was going to pay today and go tomorrow but staff told me its ok to pay on the day, boat goes at 10am.   staff told me to be there at 8am i laughed and said no chance 9.15am   is quite sufficient. 

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