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Forget drugs - now border smugglers turn to Milo!


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Forget drugs - now border smugglers turn to Milo!



Picture: Thai Rath


SADAO: -- Customs at the Sadao checkpoint in southern Thailand are dealing with a new smuggling operation - Milo Cubes!


Officers at the border were pictured yesterday with another large consignment of ten boxes of the latest high energy/high vitamin fad being smuggled in from Malaysia, reported Thai Rath.


Milo Cubes are a popular item as a gift for Thais returning from abroad. But you are only allowed to bring in two packs duty free.


More than that and you have to pay tax.


Authorities at the border said this load was the fifth this month with each one comprising 50,000 baht worth of Milo.


Source: Thai Rath

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-04-28
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It started with a hot drink before bed-time but before long my room-mate was reaching for the Milo packet first thing in the morning. Usual story - had to finance his habit and therefore was dealing and before you know it he was stealing radios from cars.


Had to bring him for detox - great place in the West of Ireland where there never was ever any Milo but plenty of black beer for him to drink. Now he is as right as rain - goes out with his mates for 10 beers every night, no worries. No need for any of that Milo stuff anymore!

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14 hours ago, sanukjim said:

These cubes contain a few vitamins with iron a lot of milk chocolate and sugar.You can get a more energy high with a bottle of Coke Cola.

..don't take that other drink that makes you drive fast and kill people.

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Just out of curiosity; what is the tax rate on importing Milo cubes? Must be exceeding a 20-digit number - or - the usual smoke screen so the boys in whatever colour can ply their real trade - which keeps Milo on the breakfast table. 

Note to Ovaltine: opportunity missed for a real news break - with the compliments of the Thai customs boys this time! 

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