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Thai son left/returned on foreigner passport....

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A recent border run had a 1/2 Thai kid (4 or 5 years old, without Thai passport) leave at a border run using his foreign USA passport with his foreign parent and return the same day with the foreign passport.  Immigration officer said under 15 years old overstay is not a problem (not have to pay any money).


My questions in this case are:


1) will there be any real issues about the overstay in the future?

2) It's likely the Thai kid will leave again well before he turns 15, but should he still attempt to leave on foreigner passport to clear overstay and then later come back in on Thai passport (will likely obtain thai passport before leaving)?


3) What happens if a minor enters thailand before 15 and overstays past age 15.  Does it still count as overstaying before 15 for fine/blacklist purposes?


Any other related info would be helpful.

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I have 2 British children that have both had long overstays years+ more than once, both under 15, only thing that happens when leaving if the immigration officers clearance is not high enough, he asks us to wait whilst he gets another to get approval, overstay stamp in passport, no fine, no blacklisting. On our way in 5 minutes. No problem reentering.

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Children under 15 are exempt from overstay fines but that does not exempt them from needing visas and extensions stay.

Children under the age of 18 are exempt from the blacklisting for overstay rule.

1) There could be a problem somewhere along the way. I have seen reports of children being fined for the overstay at a immigration and some airports. It could easily happen at a border crossing. Not all immigration officers are aware of the under 15 rule.

2) The child should get a Thai passport as soon as possible. Then depart the country using the foreign passport and re-enter the country on the Thai passport (not normally possible at a border crossing).

3. They could be fined for the overstay once they go reach 15. If 18 or over they could be banned.

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There is also a possibility of a third country not being happy with overstay stamps - best not to overstay and easy enough to avoid.  As said above exit during permitted time and return on Thai passport (this may require air travel however).  Until ready to do this just extend stay at immigration on basis of being Thai one year at a time (cheap and easy).

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