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Tried Other Forum. Help Please..Proof of Onward Travel Before Allowed On Plane ?


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  Hello everyone.   I'm flying, one way,  out of Toronto, Canada on the 22 of May on China Eastern flight to Siem Reap, Cambodia with a layover in Shanghai, China.  I've heard stories about people going places in the world being asked for proof of onward travel.


  My apologies for this being the wrong forum list. Tried another list... but getting in a hurry for correct answers..  


     My intention is to pay the extra $5 or $10 cost over the 30 day Cambodian Tourist Visa...in order to get the 30 day Ordinary Cambodian Visa, and then get extensions after I move into the place I'm staying..   


  But there are stories of airlines wanting to see proof of onward travel when they see your ticket is one way.....not return. Other people say... no... you just need your boarding pass/ticket, and your valid passport and you're good.  


    I just don't want to get to the airport and then be refused boarding ...in either Toronto, or for onward flight from Shanghai to Siem Reap...because I have no proof of onward travel out of Cambodia.


   I hope some folks here might have the facts, or help me out with some good advice....  


  Thanks everyone... and have safe travels..        Rob..

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Please don't cross post, your original thread  in the Cambodia forum is in the correct place

I'm sure those-as-knows will be along once they wake up. It's currently 7.15AM on a Saturday morning, only mad dogs and moderators are up at this hour.


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