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Fleeing heir puts Red Bull’s future on the line


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7 hours ago, sebastion said:
On 5/10/2017 at 10:11 AM, janclaes47 said:
That nationwide profit, together with the profits made international, would make him the richest man in the world in less than 1 year.
Keep dreaming about money.

Your mathematics is terrible. Get yourself a calculator.
11 million baht a day x 365 days is a tad over 4 billion baht. That's around 120 million dollars per year.
Hardly the richest man in the world. Would never get that milestone in a lifetime.

This was his own words. He clearly stated thats domestic profits.

I agree, I'll get myself a a calculator................if you get yourself a decent set of reading glasses.


I said Thai nationwide profit, which according to the other poster stands at approx $315.000 daily, together with the profit made international.


I would guess that the OTHER 170 COUNTRIES , would multiply that $315.000 daily nicely.



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