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How 'bout a 3rd category under 'NEWS': Trump

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Currently, 7 of 12 top international news stories in T.Visa directly involve Trump.


Either way, with so many Trump-related stories,  how about nesting them.  


For example, every time there's a Flynn-related story, tag it onto a Flynn thread.   Same for Comey, Pence, Sessions, Kushner, FBI, Russia, and so on.  

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Couldn't agree more.


TV is stuffed full of anti Trump news. I am not American and I dare say the majority of TV members are not American yet we are flooded with news about him while other more important world news is not even reported. Of course, we cannot add items to the world section, only TV can so expect even more Trump, Trump. trump.


Keep it in one section so as not to stifle the rest of the news.


I suspect that whoever posts the world news is a Democrat American.

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Gentkeman, this is a discussion on Moderation and against forum rules.


10) Do not discuss moderation publicly in the open forum; this includes individual actions, and specific or general policies and issues. You may send a PM to a moderator to discuss individual actions or email support (at) thaivisa.com to discuss moderation policy.


The ThaiVisa News Team gathers and disseminates news bulletins from Thai and International sources, and republishes them in the News Forums for our members' information and enjoyment. Our News Team works hard to bring quality content to the News Forums, and should be respected for their efforts.
Comments such as "slow news day" or "clickbait headline" are neither respectful nor welcome on the forum, and will be considered as troll comments and removed and the offending poster warned and/or suspended accordingly.



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