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No decision yet by foreign minister on apology sought by student activist’s parents


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No decision yet by foreign minister on apology sought by student activist’s parents

By The Nation


BANGKOK: -- Foreign Minister Don Pramudwinai has acknowledged but not made any decision on the formal apology sought by the parents of student activist Jatupat Boonpattararaksa, better known as Pai Dao Din, for allegedly incorrect information about the lese majeste and computer crimes charges against their son.


The activist’s parents warned they would take legal action against people who had signed a controversial letter on May 2 by the Thai Ambassador in Seoul, which was sent to the chairman of the May 18 Memorial Foundation that gave Pai the Gwangju Prize for Human Rights this year.


On Tuesday Jatupat’s parents Wiboon and Prim Boonpattararaksa sent a letter to the Foreign Ministry seeking an apology from the Thai ambassador and correction of information they said was inconsistent with the facts.


The couple expressed concern in the letter that the false statement in Jatupat’s case might result in misunderstanding and provoke insults and hatred for their son.


As of press time, Jautpat’s parents, which were in South Korea representing the activist at the awards ceremony, could not be reached for comment on when they would take legal action if the ministry did not respond to their demands. Jatupat, 25, was charged with lese majeste and computer crimes last December for sharing a BBC article.


He remains in prison to date after the court had rejected all his nine bail requests.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/news/national/30315546

-- © Copyright The Nation 2017-05-18
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5 minutes ago, yellowboat said:

Once this young man gets out of prison, he should probably go to South Korea to live and pursue his goals. 

 You mean "if" he gets out of jail, alive.


But yes, if one of his goals is to live in an open, free, democratic society then South Korea would be an ideal destination.


If he ever feels homesick for Thailand he could go to North Korea.

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