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Police computers hit in latest Thai cyber attack


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Police computers hit in latest Thai cyber attack



Picture: Sanook


BANGKOK: -- A computer virus attack on two areas of Thailand left the public unable to report crimes on Saturday.


Deputy spokesman Ekarit Patanacharoen of the National Police Bureau said that the affected areas were in Chacherngsao and Sisaket, reported Sanook.


The ransomware attack left the computers at 191 out of action from Saturday evening.


TOT were called and partial service was resumed.


But PPTV reported that even as of yesterday it was impossible to report crime in those two areas using emergency numbers.


The spokesman said that all precincts had been warned to protect against cyber attack to make sure that their systems were not compromised.


Source: Sanook

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-05-22
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18 minutes ago, Upnotover said:

Looks like it messed up all the clocks as well.

Yes, Cambo is 7:47 approx, so Malaysia should be 8:47. Still it's only over 6 hours out !


Easy to see the attention to detail at this cop shop. :shock1:

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40 minutes ago, jvs said:

Not genuine  windows xp?

Win95 outside BK


You get these sort of attacks looking at Porn sites. A customer of ours brings in his laptop for us to repair and its always the same thing that causes the problem with him and we told him, he just smiles.

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49 minutes ago, Chris Lawrence said:

You know what this means; Money to be spent on new computers for all well to do officers, and they will be able to keep them at home.


Upno, got a good giggle from your post.

You need the operators to use computers, this lot are just facebook snoops, so yea your right

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