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Thai bank cards and their insurance - any experiences?


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I came here on a wing and a prayer 21 years ago and never went back, but I'm still standing. Although I have no insurance at all.


It seems to be a trend now for banks to be including insurance cover with their bank cards as a sort of an added incentive.


Does anyone have firsthand experience of this?


Anyone tried to claim for, say, a motorbike accident using the bank's insurance?


Or is everybody on this forum smothered with insurance from their own country and so no need to bother with dodgy Thai stuff?



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On 5/30/2017 at 11:03 AM, shady86 said:

Don't expect much by paying another annual fee of 100b

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So, no, you have no experience of this insurance I'm asking about.

Second, you assume something about paying 100 baht for the insurance you know nothing about.

Quality answer.


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