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Green Bus no.365 Schedule


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Again; that site from razzler is OUT OF DATE, INCOMPLETE and mostly an aim to gain money from selling apps. Its as such not wrong-but it holds info, incomplete, from around 10-12 yrs ago.

This rout is NOT BMTA, as its in the national routenr system egulated by BoKoSo,  as it passes several chiangwat boundaries.

Also: it is a route with many variations and other side-routes, so you must be very careful and knowledgeable to hit the right one!

However, inside the BMTA area the normal BMTA fares are /must be charged.

The basic route is now:

a.fan bus or AC-van: Pak Kred-along Chaeng wattana-going north at Bang Khen roundabout-via Sapan Mai, ends near LamLuk ka.

b.fan bus, some AC too, infrequent: PKred-ChWattana-go north along Vipavadee-DMK=aiport-ends at Rangsit-at schoolterm extended to Thammasat north of Rst.

c.ring/circle -more triangle: combines a and b, short cut DMK to Sapan Mai-or reverse.

d.there still may be some variations that serve off Chwattana to serve the Mung Thong high-rise complek or maybe, at show times, Impact showgrounds.

e.and to confuse even more: some trips, a or b, go to Nonthaburi/muang/ferry, instead of into pak kred.

Times and boards that show routing vary as per trip, there should be buses from at least 6.00-21.00, later on some parts (not sure).

The whole way Pak kred-roundabout Bang Khen is also served by citybus 150. From there to Rangsit via SpnMai:also 522, 39

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