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Thai Embassy tells Thais in Qatar not to panic


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Thai Embassy tells Thais in Qatar not to panic




The Royal Thai Embassy in Doha, Qatar today issued a statement advising Thai people there to stay calm after five Arab countries severed diplomatic relations with Qatar yesterday.


The embassy advised them not to panic and lead their normal lives.


However they are advised to monitor news and the situation closely from reliable news sources.


It said that in case of having any development of the situation, the embassy will notify it on its Facebook page or its Line groups.


For any Thai having to travel to other countries, they are advised to check with airlines if their flights are affected or not.


For more information,they can call the embassy’s emergency lines at Tel +974 5557 8760, +974 3380 9062, +974 5006 9749.


Source: http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/thai-embassy-tells-thais-in-qatar-not-to-panic/

-- © Copyright Thai PBS 2017-06-06



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It's the Qataris in the countries that have cut ties with Qatar that may have need to panic.


Though any Thais {or anyone full stop} booking a flight with Qatar Airways in the countries that have cut ties are <deleted>.

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4 minutes ago, skatewash said:

I would be a bit concerned if I had air travel planned into or out of Qatar.  Definitely need to watch the situation as it develops.



-- http://www.businessinsider.com/qatar-airways-banned-from-crucial-airspace-2017-6


Details:  https://www.flightradar24.com/blog/flight-ban-for-qatar-flights-in-uae-saudi-arabia-bahrain-and-egypt/

I've been told by friends in Saudi that Qatar Airways are arranging alternative flights through other carriers, getting choice of date is all but impossible though.


You take what you are given by the looks of it.


Refunds are being given but cancellation fees being charged...


Seriously <deleted> up.

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