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Keyboard for laptop


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I have a laptop Acer 4349 and I need to replace the keyboard; it's a laptop bought in Thailand, with an English-thai keyboard ( screen 14 inches ) 

where can I find one ( online would be good ) ?

I found, for this laptop ( at Lavada ) a keyboard but only in English ,and stickers with thai letters to put on the english keyboard; do you thind it's a good idea, these stickers ( keyboard and stickers, about 1000 bahts at Lavada ) ? ; good or bad option ? 



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I had to replace my ACER Laptop keyboard in 2014 after the w, e, r, y, h, m  just stopped working.

Just did an anagram:    w e r y h m   >> R WHY ME


Anyway...  searched ALIEXPRESS ::  Acer Keyboard + model number

multiple languages available. Easy to replace myself (once I identified which screws and tabs to pull.


I bought a lower-cost one, my only 'niggle' is the keys are a little flimsier than the OEM, the the "G" key top pops off and needs to be set back in place.

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14 minutes ago, Richard-BKK said:



For 680 THB in Thailand with Thai/English keyboard layout... no difficult custom clearances or import TAX

thanks, exactly what I want : what choice for keyboard Acer !


I didn't know this site ( advice ) , it seems very interesting 

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Do you live in Bangkok?

Have you tried the usual IT centers and find a laptop repair booth?


I had a similar problem with an ASUS laptop and had it replaced at Tukcom Khon Kaen.


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I realize it's not the significant part of your issue, but the best price for those keyboard stickers with Thai is 30-40 baht at Amorn, TESCO Lotus, etc.  


I paid over 100 baht for exactly the same online, including shipping.


Saw them at Amorn yesterday for 30 baht.


Edit:  BTW-  http://www.lazada.co.th/ace-acer-aspire-4535-4736-4741-4551-4552-4349-4750-47524810-4820-4540-4740-emachine-d640-d730-5787513.html?ff=1

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I have an Acer laptop. The keyboard failed. I used an external keyboard and that worked OK. It just wasn't very convenient when traveling. I bought a new keyboard from AliExpress, researched how to install it from the Internet and after several years it is still working. The keyboard is English only. I don't remember for sure but I'm pretty sure the new keyboard cost less than $10.

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