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Car rental Nakhon Phanom Airport


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Anyone have any experience of Renatalcars.com in the Airport.

Looks legit,280 Euros or  so for a week with GPS and 2 baby seats plus full insurance which i don't think covers excess ,i think that's about 4000 Baht which i'm ok with as i don't plan on having a crash. I'd be more worried about getting screwed for 100000 Baht if i had an issue.

I think its Avis who you get the car from.

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10 hours ago, Martyjustice said:

I've always used Budget. You are correct, max out the insurance. It's a crazy place to drive. Pick up a cheap dash cam too.

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Thanks. I don't mind paying more for insurance for a hassle free trip.

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I booked thru economycars.com. U can pay the excess cover before u arrive so know the cost exactly. No hidden extras when u arrive. Good friendly service. I think it was Budget but not sure.  These r  the rental company's  phone #'s in NKP:: 042530681/0933262877.

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For info, Rentalcars.com is just an internet comparator operation which searches and presents prices for the parameters you specify.


Avis and Budget are two well-known international brands, both under common ownership of the Avis Budget Group (privately owned by institutions and private equity-like mutual funds). Strange how the group often offers the two different brands at the same location under common front desks - Budget is, as the name implies, the cheaper brand.


Have used both in Thailand and the UK. Budget is usually cheaper of course and their cars are fine enough IMO - usually less than a year old in the UK but sometimes a bit older here in Thailand (my sample here is a bit dated and limited to a couple of locations). Not sure what extra you get for taking an Avis car - maybe newer in Thailand. 

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