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Nurses learn CPR in deep South


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Nurses learn CPR in deep South
By Photo and story by Charoon Thongnual
The Nation




PATTANI: -- A workshop to train nurses in the three southern border provinces on cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques was held on Monday at Prince of Songkhla University’s (PSU) Pattani campus.


During the workshop to prepare personnel at medical facilities for critical care, 900 participants observed the detailed demonstration of CPR techniques from experts from the Heart Association of Thailand under royal patronage and the PSU Faculty of Medicine.


They practiced on CPR dummies made of para-rubber, which are a PSU's research and development invention.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/news/national/30319752

-- © Copyright The Nation 2017-07-03
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HUH ????.... this has to be a wind up..... 


... Nurses 'learning' CPR ???....  Something is clearly amiss in the reporting and a lazy translation into English. 


surely this is simply a 'First Aid seminar for nurses' or something similar. I don't believe for a second that nurses here are untrained in CPR, the idea is just too preposterous.

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YES the New reporter writer,  does not know his subject..and how to write a more accurate title,  looks like an in-service,  ( not workshop)... a nurse  (RN) is trained during their nursing school curriculum and then would re-train at the posting at a hospital...  especially using De Fib paddles.  Or running an IV with D5W....


Seems the real news is PR for PSU-Medical Research project serving the Thai Medical Systems ...


Charoon, dude, not quite of to specs...journalistic excellence at work...

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Uh. Why do nurses go to deep south to learn CPR?

Or do they mean hat nurses in the deep south are to learn CPR!

As another posted commented, don't nurses learn CPR as apart of their training?

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