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  1. I have to agree with you on that. I've only been living in Thailand for 5 months but I'd prefer to never go back to the home country, and plan to die here. I am much happier and can actually afford to do more than just exist like I did back in USA.
  2. I have the non O visa, Yes, I quarantined when I came in July. I'd like to get a Pfizer for a booster if I indeed get a booster, that's what I was thinking that if I did get one it would be recorded here as just a single shot, not a booster, unless they use my vaccine card and put it in the system
  3. I had 2 shots of Pfizer in America before coming here, last shot was May 8 2021. I don't know how or where I could get a booster since I was not vaccinated in Thailand, and am not in their system.
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