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  1. The characterisation of foreigners as virus vectors needs to stop. There have been no cases of infection hotspots in CM caused by foreign visitors, they are all due to Thai infecting Thai. Of course the innate xenophobia in this country was only magnified by Anutin calling farangs dirty! His words will haunt tourism for as long as he is around. But opening to foreign tourism is essential because Thai people are too indebted to undertake more than the minimum of domestic tourism.
  2. Overseas tour operators are simply not going to deal with Thailand until the government stops putting out the fake news that the country is open. Any overseas tourist coming here will feel hugely conned because there are so few facilities allowed to open. US & European citizens are far better going to Mexico & the Caribbean or the Mediterranean countries where they can fully enjoy all the facilities that they demand for a holiday. Thailand offers nothing in comparison & the government is going to learn that very quickly. And spending 600 million to celebrate the non existent openin
  3. Lmfao. How can they say it has bottomed when the 4th quater has hardly started. Thailand is export and tourism dependant and neither of these will see any meaningful improvement this year.
  4. Talk about stating the obvious. If this is the best the Democrats can do they certainly eont get any seats in the next election.
  5. All part of his campaign to rebuild his ruined reputation and position himself as a potential next Prime Minister.
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