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Pekin Ducks / ducklings

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Hi Folks


I have a flock of Pekin (Aylebury) ducks and we are hatching about 20/30 ducklings every week.

If anyone would like / interested to buy, i am selling both adults and ducklings. Not selling all adults as i want to maintain my flock.

I live between Khon Kaen and Udon Thani 


Pm me for further information




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Hi Slappy

Been in farming since 1961, poultry since 1983 in different countries and the last 20 years with ducks in different countries ( mainly Asia Pacific / China ).   No not selling but freelance.

Some nice looking ducks.

Ducklings look fine too.

Glad to see netting to keep the snakes from the sugar cane out.

Good to read you will select out birds for next generation.  

Some good looking males in the photos.   

Where does the pond water come from ?

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14 hours ago, slappy said:

this pond is fed from underground


Thanks "slappy", just wondered as many commercial ducks in Malaysia are kept / have access to water on the old tin mining ponds.      Some years ago there were serious losses due to algae poisoning.    In general the ponds were also becoming "sick" due to overuse.

In Korea they often use large ponds with a hut nearby.    Ducklings are placed with a single 'mother' duck who teaches them to swim.     Food is dumped on a plastic sheet.     A radio is placed inside the hut so that the ducklings ( perhaps numbering several thousand ) do not become lost.    

Here, as in China etc. as you know 'paddy ducks' are common, although there seemed to be a shortage a few years ago.   Other farms have ducks housed on slats over fish ponds.

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