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Any currency exchanges in Pattaya take Cambodian riel?


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I recently came back from Phnom Penh. After going through security at the airport, there were no exchanges to change my riel to baht. Upon arrival at Don Mueang I tried converting there, but they wouldn't take riel.

Since then, I've tried about 30 exchanges in Pattaya. There are two reactions. Either they laugh out loud or they look afraid and back away from the window.


It's not a lot of money- about 3000 baht worth, but was thinking there are so many Cambodians working in Pattaya that there might be some place they exchange their money?

If not, I guess I'll just hold on to it until my next trip- which hopefully won't be for a couple of years, LOL.


But, appreciate it if any of you know some place to exchange riel.




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