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Major Change Eff 1 Apr 19 in Bangkok Bank ACH Transfers

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19 hours ago, Pib said:

Review of past CARs shows the ordering customer was my U.S. bank (which I will not mention) and Bangkok Bank NY  was the "From/Sending" bank

Thanks. This is what I assumed.


19 hours ago, Pib said:

Bangkok Bank NY relayed those USDs.  The exchange occurs at the in-Thailand Bangkok Bank.

Thanks. Assumed this as well. Thanks for confirming all this. Much appreciated.



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7 hours ago, shortstop said:

Anyone know if ACH transfers from Fidelity to Bangkok Bank NY now have the proper IAT coding or not?


Based on a read of this thread, and some others, my guess would be "no", but you could check with Fidelity.


This post "hints" that it might be possible, but it is one year old, and a bit unclear.



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