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Pirelli Angel CiTy with no date stamp


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Just thought I offer up some details on my new Pirelli Angel CiTy tyres.


The date stamp box on both tyres is blank. The sticky labels are date stamped as part of the barcode. After unwrapping them I was surprised the date stamp is missing - has a blank rectangle with nothing in it. My thai mates who fitted them were surprised.


I am confused, hence this post


Some more relevent info.

1.Tyres purchased from a known Pirelli tyre shop in bkk - a good friend went to buy as I dont live in bkk and where I live has a remarkable ability to uplift prices. So much so that buying in bkk was a 'no brainer'. (I buy almost all my bike parts in bkk). These tyres in bkk are 2,800 baht and my local pirelli dealer wants 3,350 baht. I am not mentioning names - not relevent.

2. I just asked my friend for a copy of the receipt - it is nothing more than a cash sale slip that doesn't even have the company stamp on it or any details what so ever regarding the shop. Not good.

3. The tyres are lovely - I cant see anything that would make me think these are not the real thing - but why is the date stamp missing?

4. sizes are 110/70-17 and 130/70-17


Anyone else have this?







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