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Ice factory ammonia leak in Phang Nga leaves owner dead


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Ice factory ammonia leak off Phuket leaves owner dead

By Eakkapop Thongtub



A rescue worker sprays water into the facility to reduce the amount of ammonia in the air. Photo: Eakkapop Thongtub


PHUKET: An ammonia leak at an ice factory in Phang Nga province yesterday left the owner of the facility dead and another person


At 4:40pm yesterday (Aug 26), Lt Santi Prakobpran of the Khok Kloi Police in Phang Nga, was notified of an ammonia leak at an ice factory at Moo 1, Lung Yung, Takua Thung, Phang Nga, and that the owners were trapped inside.


Col Jirasak Semsak, Chief of the Khok Kloi Police together with staff from the Phang Nga Provincial Disaster Mitigation Office, Emergency Relief Department 8, Phuket Crane Recovery Unit, Khok Kloi Fire Department and rescue workers attended the scene and immediately sprayed water into the facility to reduce the amount of ammonia in the air.

Read more at https://www.thephuketnews.com/ice-factory-ammonia-leak-off-phuket-leaves-owner-dead-68389.php#ejlyqKcjBhtpCgYZ.99 

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Apart from the frivolities, Ammonia is commonly used in commercial ice and freezer works because of the safety aspect of immediate detection of a leak. 

The layout of the premises and the size of the leak is likely the cause of the fatality RIP, not a nice way to go, even surviving he would have serious lung damage. 


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Apologies for not having any sympathy...

Reap what you sow... lax safety standards or leakage detection systems

glad it was only the owners & not employees or neighbours...


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I played hockey as a kid back in the 70s.  Always loved later in life going to an ice arena to skate or watch a hockey game and due to the way ammonia is used in the refrigeration units, one could often get a little whiff of ammonia and that always brought back good memories of the New England USA Bobby Orr era.  The linked article says they guys apparently smelled the link then went in and tried to stop it, but things just got worse.  Well, obviously no proper safety gear or procedure for large scale venting, breathing supply, etc 

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