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Airport limo with foreign couple overturns going downtown from Don Muang


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10 hours ago, overherebc said:

The only way all over the world that road deaths and injuries are going to be stopped or drastically reduced is when the systems and controls that actually work to make all cars self driving with no option for the driver to take control are in place. I'm happy that I'll be long gone before that comes about.

It's almost here now.

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What limo?  All i see is a smashed up cheap Japanese  sedan.

cctv will be interesting. That road is jammed with traffic most hours of the day and night.

Looks like he did hit the barrier(as per pic),  What caused the car to flip.

Atleast he didnt flee the scene and make merit at the temple before calling the BIB.


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12 hours ago, overherebc said:

heavy rain shower hits. Safe speed might be 50/60 kph max and you will see them go past at 100 plus.

Those are the ones we read about when they have "lost control' of their car, due to aquaplaning.

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14 hours ago, melvinmelvin said:

STRONGLY disagree,


heavy rains, the speed in LoS is significantly reduced,

as opposed to in most places in US and Europe


12 hours ago, melvinmelvin said:

what I experience in LoS over and over is that when it starts raining the speed on the main roads go down dramatically and causes traf jams


this I do not experience to the same extent in the US and in Europe



12 hours ago, melvinmelvin said:


after years of driving here that is not what I see

I see rain --> traf jam


maybe we drive on different roads


Presumably, this is why Thailand has the highest number of road deaths in the world, because Thai drivers slow down in wet conditions and Western drivers don't.


Oh well, must remember to keep my foot down next time it rains.

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22 hours ago, johncat1 said:

If he had been driving to suit the conditions it would not have happened ...... Rain ?  What rain ?  Thais drive at the same speed no matter what the conditions ... Foot hard down 

Was it not being rear ended that flipped his ride whilst braking..?

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