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Best Place for DSLR Sensor Cleaning in Chiang Mai


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As the title says, I’m looking for a recommendation or two for the best place to have a dslr sensor professionally cleaned. Don’t mind paying a little extra for a shop with the proper tools and trained technician (not looking for the cheapest option).



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Saw your topic as I was scouting around looking for info on a canon 80d. I saw no one had replied, so I will pitch in with my 2 penneth.

First, what is the camera and how bad is the sensor that needs cleaning? Reason I ask is that a while back I made an horrendous blunder changing my son's lens on his Sony A6000 and made a right pigs ear of the sensor - then made it a thousand times worse by trying to undo what I just did.

Then after sitting back and thinking about it, I read as much as possible and searched out some of the better cleaning products available. ALL had to be ordered online, nothing local.

To cut a long story short, if you get the correct cleaning pads / tools, you have a clean area to work in with VERY GOOD LIGHT, you have a steady hand and a cool temperament you can clean the sensor perfectly well yourself. Yes it seems daunting at the time, but being very careful and taking your time you can get it as good as new.


If you find somewhere that services your camera great - (I don't know your model but for some of the big names, Chiang Mai has a lot of main dealer service centres, canon being the main example) if not, give it a try yourself, I would be happy to pass on the names and brands of the cleaning kit I used, it did an excellent job and has enough left to clean sensors for a living for the rest of my life. Good luck!

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Photobug has cleaning kits if you want to DIY.  Canon has a proper service centre and can take care of pretty much any problems and for other misc issues try the AV Shop on Chiang Mai Land.  Google will turn up the addresses and directions to all.  By the way, if you are a photographer in Chiang Mai, come along to one of the Chiang Mai Photographic Group's meetings where you'll get lots of good info about the local resources and meet some like minded people.  Visit cmphotogroup.com  and register with Groups Place and then join the Chiang Mai Photographic Group.

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