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341 people in Yala come down with measles


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341 people in Yala come down with measles




YALA, 11th October 2018 (NNT)-More than 300 people in Yala province have contracted measles and five have died from the disease since the outbreak began last month. 

The Yala Provincial Public Health Office has launched a 3-2-3 scheme to combat the outbreak after 341 people in the province became infected. 

Family members of those suspected of having measles must notify local public health officials within three hours so they can be properly diagnosed and treated accordingly. 

Public health officers are given two days to visit those at risk of contracting measles and have them vaccinated within three days in order to contain the outbreak. 

People working in schools, crowded places and clinics have a higher risk of contracting measles. They must seek medical attention immediately should they develop red rashes on their body. An emergency operation center has also been set up to tackle the outbreak. 

93 people in Yaha district were found to have contracted the disease, the highest number in the province, followed by 54 people in Bannangsata , 52 in Than Toh , 39 people each in Krong Pinang and Kabang districts. 

The five people who succumbed to the disease were located in Krong Pinang , BannangsataandThan Toh districts.

-- nnt 2018-10-11
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The dengue epidemic has just been eased. Chinese better not make any rash decisions and cancel their tour plans.......



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