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Savannakhet 90 day non immigrant O

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My attorney called Immigration at Savannakhet regarding application for a 90 day non immigrant single entry O visa based on retirement.  We were told that for first time applicants the visa based on retirement has to be made in a person's home country.  This is in contradiction to the Savannakhet website which states that an income affadavit is required proving individual retirement.


What is the experience of the forum members?  I see many non O visas granted in Savannakhet based on marriage but not so many based on retirement.  


Do you think they will grant me a tourist visa for 60 days to get this sorted out.  I have the necessary funds in the bank.  I have entered Thailand 4 times visa exempt by air this year staying approximately 4 months.  I am American.  I would like to get a proper visa to stay in Thailand.


Thanks for useful advice.

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I assume you talked to a consular officer at the consulate in Savannakhet since immigration offices are only located within Thailand.

It think you talked to the wrong person or at least somebody that did not what they were talking about. It could also be confusion between applying for a single entry non-o visa and a non-oa visa that can only be applied for in your home country.

Many people have gotten single entry non-o visas for retirement. Just have the required documents and you will get it. If showing money in the bank you will also need proof your are retired.


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