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Problems connecting IPad 5 (a1822) to DAC via USB


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I have been trying to connect my 5th generation IPad (purchased in Dec 2017) to my integrated amplifier (Hegel H80) via either the optical input, or the USB-B port and am having problems.  If I connect it using a mini jack to RCA cable, it uses the IPads DAC instead of the DAC in the amplifier so I’m looking for a solution that uses the lightning port connected to either the Optical in, digital coaxial in or USB in on the amplifier.  I would prefer to use either the optical or the coaxial as these inputs support high res audio (24/192) but if it’s not possible, I will settle for using the USB port (24/96).


From what I have read online, people seem to be using the Camera Connection Kit (lightning to USB adapter) and then using a USB cable from the adapter to the DAC.  When I try this, I get the message...


“Cannot use device.  Digihug USB audio: the connected device requires too much power” 


When I googled that message, I found a supposed solution that says that if I connect the lightning to USB adapter to a USB hub it should work but when I tried that (using a Belkin USB hub), it doesn’t work.  Would a powered USB hub solve this problem or are there other ways of extracting a digital signal?


Hopefully there is someone here who can help.  Thanks in advance.


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