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Teaching at a University


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I have done a search but nothing easily came up.


I have been teaching in Thailand for several years and have recently been offered a job at a University. I seem to recall someone said to myself many years ago that if you are working at a University then it is outside of Krusapa authority and no teaching license waiver is needed - is this correct ?


Before anyone asks, I do still have 18 months on my current waiver and with a masters degree I am qualified to teach at a university


Many thanks



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Yes, it is true. U also don't need a degree if the Uni is prepared to accept U.


However, the WP office still insists that U have one even though it is beyond their scope. The Uni won't tell them this because of the losing face issue. I she ite you not.


Remember however, that the Uni is the same shambles you are currently used to except on a larger scale. Good luck.

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What's the appeal? Unless its top 5-6, really top 3. Pay is half secondary schools and hours now seem to be 15.


Hilarious meeting Filipinos all puffed up about working at some crap university in Nakon Nowhere.


One tech school 'out by the airport' tries to pay per hour, no wp and now appears to be in league with local Filipino school. When the first opened, I was shortlisted but was too far. Decent money as well, maybe 65,k. Now I wouldn't touch it with stick.

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