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Status of land-border visa/shopping trips into Thailand

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How does Thailand treat those who live in neighbouring countries, and want to make short trips to Thailand?


I've been working in Myanmar for a few years and I'm considering staying in the country and living in the southern town of Kawthaung, opposite the Thai town of Ranong.


I do not need to make visa runs (I have a one year visa in Myanmar).  But I would certainly like to make regular trips to Ranong to visit Tesco-Lotus etc!


Right now, I have about 2 years remaining on my Thai Elite visa.  So I can currently come and go as I wish to/from Ranong.


But what's the situation after that?  Will I be limited as to how many day trips I make into Thailand?

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At this time you would be limited to 2 visa exempt entries per calendar year at a land border crossing. They make no special allowance for day trips to go shopping.

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Ubonjoe, presumably you mean that rule would apply once my Thai Elite visa expires?  I think I can come/go as many times as I like using the TE visa.

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Without a visa you’re limited to two entries per calendar year (Jan-Dec). No doubt it will be different in two years time.


There is no set limit if using a Tourist Visa.

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What I wrote is for visa exempt entries not using a visa for entry.

Using your PE visa you could do it as many times as you want to up to the date it expires. Then after getting that last one year entry you could get a multiple re-entry permit to keep it valid for your trips.

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