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Half-Time in the 2018-19 Season – How’s Your Team Doing?

Bredbury Blue

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So we’re at the halfway point of the (Premier) season.


Let’s have your assessment of your team’s performance, which players have been a HIT and who’s been a MISS, your Manager’s performance and where you predict your club will finish in the League and other competitions




To start us off, my assessment.


Man City

1. Team’s performance: Bit hit and miss, lacking consistency of last season. Pep recently said we are better; he’s wrong, were not, most players have not performed as well as last season and teams are wise to our style of play. We’re good enough to be in the top 2 but not good enough to run away with it. Don’t feel we’ve been getting the bounce of late and teams are scoring against us with their first chance. Teams that constantly put out the same team seem to go on and win it and we haven’t been able to do that. Liverpool deserve to be top of late.

2. Players Hit: Laporte has been absolutely brilliant thank god in our very shaky defense. Stones and Laporte are a decent pairing. Fernadindo, Bernardo in the first 3 months, Silva, Sterling until recently, Aguero, and Sane recently, have all been decent.

3. Players Miss: Mendy cant stay fit and though he and Walker are excellent wingbacks they are not great defending defenders. Gundogan does it only occasionally and is too weak and immobile for the Premier. Delph is proving a liability this season defending. Jesus isn’t the player we had pre-injuries; doesn’t put himself around as much and is lacking confidence in front of goal. Mahrez blows hot and cold and is our third choice winger but Pepe loves him. Danilo not good enough. Otamendi and Kompany rarely seen so can't rate.

4. Manager’s performance: 95% brilliant as always but there’s always that side of him that leaves us open to other teams. Classic examples are: Leading Monaco from 1st leg, play it tight and if we go behind then come out to play – no, not Pep; playing Gundogan wide right, what!; Stones in central midfield (not comfortable receiving facing his own goal with oncoming players). But we are very fortunate to have him and hope he stays longer.

5. Prediction: Have felt for some time that everything has been and is going Liverpool’s way (including pre-blip; read my posts). Heart says 1st but head and gut say 2nd. Hopefully we'll get past Burton over legs to play Chelsea or Spurs in the Caraboa Cup which i'd hope we'd retain. Decent FA Cup run for a change - don't feel that one. CL can't see us getting to far with our open way of playing - attack at all costs - and our defence unless they tighten up as we were earlier in the season.


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City have lost 3 times in a month for first time in,,,,???? They have gone from 2-1 on to 2-1 against. Liverpool have just blistered the first half of the season. The master computer says:


94 points; Liverpool

91 points; Man City

84 points; Spurs

82 points; Chelsea

74 points; Arsenal

69 points; Man Utd.


So the Reds will drop a lot more points in the second half. But can City catch them?


My two favourite teams for this year; WHU and Watford, both on 27 now, to finish with 53 points (well down the league).


WHU got off to the most atrocious start (nil points after 4), and have done well to pull themselves up to 27 at half way.


Watford are a real Jekyll and Hyde team. Superb against a very good Spurs and unlucky to just draw at Everton recently. Then duffers at home against Bournemouth. They tend to do better when they are fresh; as in the first half. I hope that's not just the first half of the season for them.


Both managers seem safe from the sack; but you never know!?

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After saying that WHU had done well to get to 27 points for the first half, they turned in an awful display against Burnley. Arnautovic was back, but I reckon I would have given more effort than he. I don't think he is anywhere near match fit. The Irons have had a terrible run of injuries,,,, but that last match was the pits. Well done Burnley.


Maybe Sammy Nasri will slot in and provide a touch of class; if he has kept himself fit during his ban!! 

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Leeds, still top of the championship, is that right, it's not called the League anymore.


Lost their last two games and defeated by QPR in the FA Cup.

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