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Wedding in Chiang Mai all-in for less than 200,000 ?


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How many guests?  Does that budget include purchase of the clothing or is rental OK?  What about lodging -- how many and for how many days? 


You can certainly have a very nice dinner party with a live band and nice flowers for 50 people in a lovely venue with that budget, but if your budget has to stretch for a bigger crowd, pay for transportation & lodging and you have your heart set on frills like the groom arriving on a white elephant and the happy couple leaving in a hot air balloon, then you better rethink your budget.   

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You would need to give a bit more information to what you expect to be included and number of guests

The venue certainly - your home or outside

how many guests?

Food (Western or Thai - huge price difference)

Buffet or service

drinks - local or imported big difference



Live band






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On ‎1‎/‎5‎/‎2019 at 1:01 AM, naboo said:

My wedding cost me 30B.


And my happiness.


Actually, I thought the certificate cost 20 baht, but I could be wrong, and to be correct, my wedding ( marriage ) cost me most of my money, in the long run ( or the long con ).


To the OP, not enough information, and a wedding costs whatever you want to pay. If you are paying, everything is up to you. Don't let anyone tell you what you have to pay, or what is required

A ceremony is not even required, so if you want it could cost zero.

BTW, does your budget include the sin sod ( or as I put it, buying the woman ). I hope you know that it's not required, though Thai's have fleeced a great many farangs by claiming it is. At the very most, it can be given for face and get it back after the ceremony is over.

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