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Recommend Dr. or Hospital for triplets


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There are many options in Bangkok, is going there an option?


Phyathai Sri Racha has a NICU though whether they have spoace for 3 babies in it is something you'd have to ask. It isn't that large a hospital so might not.  Contact Gavin Waddell in their marketing dept. [email protected]


If you do not mind a government hospital (with all it entails inc. no husband in the delivery room, language barrier etc) the main hospital in Chonburi town is an 800 bed regional level facility that should be able to handle it.


Otherewise I think you will have to arrange to come to Bangkok (and best do so as soon as you are say 26 weeks or so, i.e. you'll need to stay in Bangkok or its outskirts for a while awaiting delivery).


In Bangkok likely options are:


Bumrungrad (note: expensive) https://www.bumrungrad.com/en/health-blog/women-health-care/newborn-intensive-care-nicu

St Louis Hospital - nice 400 bed nonprofit. Has a NICU but I don't know its size. Website is only in Thai http://www.saintlouis.or.th/index

Samitivej Hospital (note: expensive, but  probably the best at providing western type birthing services) https://www.samitivejhospitals.com/en/centers/nursery-nicu/


Do you have good insurance? As in private hospitals you can be looking at 30K baht per day per infant for NICU care, sometimes more. And with triplets the likelihood of needing NICU is high.






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Thanks Sheryl!  I'll contact those hospitals or get my wife to help me.  She is at 32 weeks and already moved to Bangkok because we thought Chaophya had agreed for the birth without issues. She has already been for check-ups for the past 3 weeks there. However, the doctors met and for some reason told us to find another hospital.  


She works for PTT so she has great insurance. The insurance doesn't cover the first 14 days of birth so we realize we might have to pay 1 million or more out of pocket. It is what it is.


Thanks again!  


Ill work on this now.

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If you mean 1 million baht, I have to caution that it may be more than that in the 1st 14 days especially if all 3 need NICU care.  Though the fact that she has already reached 32 weeks is very encouraging.


If you are already settled on that side of the river you might want to contact the private hospital attached to Siriraj:




one warning - whatever is decided, it could change when the time comes and you end up being referred elsewhere since, for obvious reasons, no one can predict how many NICU beds will be open on the day she delivers. The larger the NICU capacity of a hospital the better your chances.

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I figured I should come back to update this.  We ended up having the delivery at PhayaThai3. We went in for a meeting with the Dr. and he suggested we had the Csection the next day. She was 34 weeks pregnant at the time.  Before the surgery, we had to sign some documents expecting the total to be 1.2 million baht +/- 20%.  There weren't any major issues and they were all discharged after 12 days and the total bill ended up around 600,000 baht. At the end of the stay, the per charge for each baby was ~9k baht a day in the NICU.


The staff and facilities were great at PhayaThai3.  I visited the unit everyday and they taught me how to hold, feed, clean, change diapers, etc.  I am very happy they agreed to let us have the surgery there.  

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Glad all went well. You were very fortunate she was able to carry all 3 to 34 weeks. Often delivery comes much earlier with correspondingly higher costs and worse prognosis.

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