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Russian woman found dead in Karon hotel room


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Russian woman found dead in Karon hotel room

By The Phuket News



Police and rescue workers from the Phuket Ruamjai Rescue Foundation arrived to find the woman lying across the bed as if she had been sitting on it with her legs over the side when she collapsed. Photo: Sayan Thammaphan


PHUKET: Police are hoping that doctors will be able to shed some light on what caused the death of a Russian woman who was found dead on her hotel bed in Phuket early this morning (Jan 8).


Maj Niwech Sankaew of the Karon Police said he was called to the hotel, on Luang Por Chuan Rd in Karon, at about 4am.


Maj Niwech and fellow officers arrived at the hotel along with a Phuket Ruamjai Rescue Foundation emergency response team led by foundation chief Sayan Thammaphan at about 4:30am, he reported.

Read more at https://www.thephuketnews.com/russian-woman-found-dead-in-karon-hotel-room-69935.php#rEVMew575Yc7GWyF.99 

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One isensitive post removed. Some of the others are bordering on it also


Please remember a person has died and show a lttle resprect, family and friends might also be reading this thread.


This thread doesn't need armchair detectives.

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