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Canadian Expats Can Vote Again


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In a 5-2 decision, a majority of justices said the infringement to charter rights is not justified.

Amazing that 2 justices held the infringement justified.

  • “The vague and unsubstantiated electoral fairness objective that is purportedly served by denying voting rights to non-resident citizens simply because they have crossed an arbitrary five-year threshold does not withstand scrutiny,” [Chief Justice Richard] Wagner said. “There is little to justify the choice of five years as a threshold, or to show how it is tailored to respond to a specific problem.”
  • “The disenfranchisement of these citizens not only denies them a fundamental democratic right, but also comes at the expense of their sense of self-worth and their dignity.”


This is what democracy does - protect the rights of the minority (Canadian expats) from the disenfranchisement by the majority.

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