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Embracing the Age of Digital Transfer Convenience

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Embracing the Age of Digital Transfer Convenience




In an age where you can meet your future partner, purchase goods from all over the world, and make investments simply with the touch of a fingertip, it can be frustrating that we are still subject to a 45-year-old networking system when it comes to making international money transfers. Or at least we were. In defiance of traditional transfer models, DeeMoney has disrupted the face of banking in Thailand by offering what local banks cannot: secure, fast, convenient, and above all, cheap global transfers. We kid you not.


Gone are the days of trekking to your local bank during limited open hours to fill out a form for EACH overseas account that you wish to make a transfer to and then having to wait up to 5 business days for bank approval. (The odds of which don’t work in your favor either. Approval is not guaranteed.) No more waiting in line for ages at the bank to submit said forms either. And forget having to provide a ridiculous amount of evidence to support each overseas account application too. Choose better, choose DeeMoney instead.


DeeMoney’s mobile app is available to download on your Android device or from the iTunes store. The one-time registration process is simple too. Simply complete the online pre-approval application here and then drop by to your local DeeMoney branch at Nana, Asoke, Imperial Samrong, and Tesco Lotus Mahachai with just ONE piece of ID. Unlike local banks which conventionally require a work permit, visa, and passport, with DeeMoney you can use any one form of valid identification to become a DeeMoney Member. Once your membership is finalized you can send money to 17 countries all from the comfort of your phone. You never have to visit a branch ever again!


Make your cross-border bank transactions effortless. DeeMoney is the only licensed non-bank entity which allows you to digitally transfer and exchange Thai Baht to international accounts and recipients. With the DeeMoney App, all you need to do is enter your recipient’s bank details once (no application form necessary), and then you can make as many online transfers as you wish at whatever time of day suits you.


Just follow these 3 easy steps to complete your first digital transfer:

1- Open the DeeMoney app, select a language, and log-in with your DeeMoney Membership number or by QR code.

2- To make a transfer, first enter your recipient’s bank account details and then confirm the amount you want to send. Follow the guidelines here for the correct account number format for each of the available recipient countries. To complete the transaction, you can then choose from three different methods to credit the transaction:

1) Connect the DeeMoney App with your local SCB, BBL or KBank account via ATM (for more details, click here).

2) Choose KPlus as your payment method, and use the KBank mobile app on your phone to complete the payment.

3) Generate a QR Code within the DeeMoney app, and then open it up in your local m-banking app to upload the funds.

3- Choose from over 17 countries and send the funds to your chosen recipient for just 150 THB.


Don’t be restricted by bank opening hours anymore. No one enjoys taking time off work simply to travel to the nearest bank branch and wait in line to complete more mind-numbing paperwork and then STILL face restrictions to when and how you can make international transfers. The DeeMoney mobile app helps you avoid all this bureaucracy.


Want to send money while you’re on the beach? Go for it. Stepping into the bath and suddenly remember that payment you need to make? Eureka! Simply open the app and complete the transaction in mere seconds. Desperately need to transfer money for an emergency? Forget waiting for the bank to open up—make global transactions straightaway—whatever time of day it might be. Complete the one-time registration process and get sorted for all your international money sending requirements. Join the age of convenience with the DeeMoney mobile app.


Read what our customers have to say about their DeeMoney app experience and decide for yourself:


“It’s cool! An excellent way to send money to India and other countries. Very low fee and faster money transfers.” - Hareesh C.


“A friend of mine recommended DeeMoney to me when I needed to send pocket money to my children. I was really impressed by how easy it was compared to sending money to them through my bank. I also just wanted to say a huge thank you to [the] staff, both at the office and call center, for their assistance and clarifications with my transactions. It was made a lot easier for me with their guidance and support. I’ll continue to be your customer and will be recommending you to my friends as well.” - Racheda K.


“Fantastic service and so convenient and easy. Just visit them once and then you have the option of doing everything else online. Loved it. Good Job there!” - Prashant D.


“The DeeMoney team is really amazing. They listen to their customers and acknowledge them with appreciation. Truly customer-centric service. I hope DeeMoney reaches many more milestones.” - Naresh.




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