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Tragic end to company party - young man dead on the coach


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Tragic end to company party - young man dead on the coach



Picture: Sanook


Police were called by a driver after his last passenger had failed to get off the coach by the final stop. 


He went upstairs and found that 34 year old Watcharapong was dead in his seat towards the back of the vehicle. 


All the other passengers had got off at various stops after a company party on Saturday night. 


Police found no suspicious circumstances and have sent the body for autopsy at Thammasat Chalermprakiat Hospital. 


Source: Sanook




 -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-01-21



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22 minutes ago, petermik said:

How is it possible that someone...especially a young man....can die unnoticed on a bus full of people....:sad:

RIP to the young man :jap:


People go to sleep on buses (and trains and aeroplanes) all the time.


Sometimes they don't wake up.


Sometimes it makes the "news".


I knew a 28 year old who went to sleep in front of the TV and didn't wake up.


Subsequently found to have had an unnoticed, undiagnosed heart condition.



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