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Lost a file on Google docs


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So I decided to try out Google docs, Thinking maybe it would be a layer of protection against losing files. At first, I was writing stuff and then putting it up on GD and then reviewing it using the Grammarly ap on Chrome. Went pretty good, so I decided to just use GD for the next file. The work went well, and I got the work done. This was over three days. I know for a fact that I had saved it, because earlier I could see the file with its name in the GD folder, besides some other docs. Anyhow, it tells you it is saving, as you work on it.

Yesterday I needed to access it for something else, and it was gone. I went to trash for google drive and everything I had ever thrown away was still in there, which wasn't much because I didn't really use it much. But the file I was looking for wasn't there either.  Typical that it was the only thing I had written which I hadn't backed up on my own hard drive.


Any ideas on how to find it. I really don't want to start over.

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Go straight to google drive for support, when i accidentally deleted some files from dropbox they could all retrieve them for me. It has to be done within a certain time so be quick and it will probably be recovered. 


I know google drive and dropbox are not the same but the principle is and they are both run by good companies.

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