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Stowaway dog that got to Hong Kong from Thailand is dead


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Stowaway dog that got to Hong Kong from Thailand is dead




A Thai dog that managed to get on a cargo ship in Laem Chabang and get to Hong Kong has died. 


The mutt caused an international hunt for its owner as animal lovers online followed the story. 


When no one stepped forward Watchdog Thailand managed to get the assistance of a group that helps animals and the environment to take on the responsibility. 


It was a race against time to save the dog as the Hong Kong authorities had given him only a four day stay of execution before they euthanized him. 


But just when it looked as though the animal would be repatriated to Thailand came news that a worker on the ship had killed the animal. 


Watchdog Thailand expressed its sorrow while Hong Kong animal activists promised to prosecute the person responsible. 


Source: https://www.dailynews.co.th/regional/698378




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On 3/14/2019 at 9:21 AM, Father Fintan Stack said:

I'm more surprised it had an owner. 


Like most parts of Thailand, Laem Chabang is infested with stray dogs, many of which are dangerous and riddled with diseases.


Usually I find whole Thailande infected with old grumpy foreigners who are not even to manage a wife, let alone a dog...



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