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Mass UK protest demanding second EU referendum planned days before Brexit


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3 hours ago, stephenterry said:

Best if brexit is dumped in the Thames and the Tory party with it, which will happen in the next election if the PM tries to leave the EU with no deal.


And for Brexiteers, tough, the ERG should have passed May's deal through parliament. And if anyone questions the veracity of that deal, all I gotta say is have you read it to make such an accusation?  


The best way forward for the PM is to accept the WAG deal, but agree with the EU to alter the political statement as to the best way forward.


Doesn't take a genius to resolve the impasse - not that BJ has any idea and would probably only be in a job until October. 

There is no 'IF'.

UK is leaving at the end of October. Any attempt at otherwise will see the demise of the Tory party; ERG jump in Farages direction & his party winning the election that follows.

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7 hours ago, Becker said:

Because they still hold out hope for you despite the Brexit idiocy. After all, about 50% of the country is not bonkers.

Surely, a more plausible reason, is that they Like  to receive our charitable contributions.




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