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Ten Krabi villagers under watch for possible rabies infection


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Ten Krabi villagers under watch for possible rabies infection

By The Nation




Ten villagers in two tambon in this Southern province are being monitored for possible infection with the rabies virus, a veterinarian of the Krabi Livestocks Development Office said Wednesday.


Jullachart Jullaphet, a veterinarian with the Krabi Livestocks Development Office, said more farm animals were found to have been attacked by rabid dogs and 10 people were thought to have probably contracted the disease from the infected animals in the two tambon of Krabi’s Lam Thap district.


He said the office invoked the animal disease control act of 2015 to declare Tambon Din Daeng and Tambon Din Udom of Lam Thap district as rabies control zones on August 7 after a dog tested positive for the rabies virus.


Jullachart said a villager had been bitten by a dog and treated. 


The office was informed on August 23 that cows and pigs known to have been bitten by dogs appeared to be showing rabid symptoms. He said two pigs were slaughtered and one died while three cows were also slaughtered.


He said more pigs, which villagers raised by allowing them to roam freely, had also shown symptoms so villagers slaughtered them.


He said officials were now monitoring more than 80 pigs and three cows raised in the area and had vaccinated some 1,500 cats and dogs.


Officials also checked and found that 10 villagers had come into physical contact with infected animals so they were given the vaccine and are being monitored by doctors.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30375487



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Well they never learn, Get rid of the mongrel soi dogs and the ones that run lose all the time because the owners don't have a fence  to keep the mongrels of the road .

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imagine that, a known sick infected animal still slaughtered for profits


maybe one day that kind of dirty infected meat eating can finally start the zombie wars 🙂


people here are already acting as they have no brain , even without being bitten

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