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Mystery death of 60 year old Canadian man with "knife wound" in Chiang Mai room


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Mystery death of 60 year old Canadian man with "knife wound" in Chiang Mai room



Caption: Mystery death. 60 year old Caucasian found dead in central Chiang Mai room


Chiang Mai News reported that police in the northern Thai city were keeping an open mind after a 60 year old Canadian man was found dead in his bathroom. 


The foreigner had been staying for several months and the authorities were called after the maid failed to gain access to the room. 


They found the man face up in his bathroom on Wednesday. Decomposition had already set in.


There were no signs of a struggle or evidence of theft. He lived alone.


His bag, clothes and other possessions were in place at the property in Suthep sub-district, Muang district. 


But there were signs of a possible knife wound to his throat.



Picture: Chiang Mai News


The media said that police were unsure if he had died of natural causes or if there was foul play, even murder. 


An autopsy has been called to try and establish the cause of death. 


Source: Chiang Mai News




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-08-29


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